NRS urges private rehabilitation centres to respect guidelines regulating private rehabilitation centres.

From 23rd to 31st October 2018, the National Rehabilitation Service’s staff in charge of family reintegration and post delinquency follow up visited private rehabilitation centers across the country to assess the implementation of private rehabilitation centers regulations. 10 private rehabilitation centres were identified across the country and visited.

The visit to private rehabilitation centres countrywide aimed to assess if those centres are properly implementing and respecting guidelines regulating private rehabilitation centres, identify gaps and challenges they meet, propose recommendations to bridge the identified gaps as well as discuss with District authorities on how to upgrade services offered by private rehabilitation centers.

The visit was in line with the mission of the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) to coordinate activities of rehabilitation centers and make follow-up on their operation.

During the visit, NRS staff commended private rehabilitation centres which properly implement guidelines regulating such centres and encouraged those still lagging behind to follow that good example and respect private rehabilitation centres’ regulations.

Speaking about the activity, the Director General of NRS Mr. Aime BOSENIBAMWE said “Various partners have established private rehabilitation centres that are supplementing the Government of Rwanda’s initiatives to rehabilitate street children and delinquent youths. To ensure that their services are in line with Rwanda’s Policy against Delinquency, they must respect guidelines regulating private rehabilitation centres.”

To date, over 15 private rehabilitation centres have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) to support NRS mission to rehabilitate delinquents across the country and reintegrate them in the Rwandan community.

Guidelines regulating private rehabilitation centres require the centres to ensure hygiene and security at the Center, to implement programs of counseling and dialogue provided to persons admitted in the Center for the purpose of their rehabilitation towards behaviors that are not detrimental to the community, to provide general and professional education to persons admitted in the Center preparing them for reintegration into normal life, to establish various sports and leisure programs for those admitted in the Center; among other responsibilities.

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