Citizens’ awareness on drug trafficking as well as NRS services and programs increased through Justice Week 2019

The National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) joined institutions comprising the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector (JRLOS) and partner organizations in the Justice Week 2019 activities held countrywide from 18 - 22 March 2019. The week long campaign organized by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with JRLOS institutions and partner organisations, aimed at raising public awareness on emerging crimes and on the way Justice Sector institutions and partners works to deliver justice related services to citizens.

The Justice Week 2019 kicked off on 18 March 2019 with a JRLOS Open Day which took place at MINIJUST Headquarters and whereby JRLOS institutions including NRS exhibited their services and programs to citizens to ensure that the public has sufficient information about JRLOS services delivery mechanisms.

At the open day, NRS showcased its services and programs mainly programs related to delinquency prevention, rehabilitation of delinquents and reintegration of former delinquents. According to citizens and leaders who visited NRS stand at the Open Day, they were pleased to learn more information about how rehabilitation of delinquents is done and reintegration packages offered to former delinquents.

“I was interested to know in details the way graduates from rehabilitation centres are reintegrated in the community and opportunities offered to them to ensure their social-economic reintegration in their respective families and communities. This was an occasion for me to get all this information from the concerned institution and I’m glad that when I visited NRS stand I was provided with the details I needed.” Said Councilor ABATONI Peninah, Chairperson of the Commission of Social Welfare Promotion in the City of Kigali Council.

Apart from the JRLOS Open Day, NRS also participated in other Justice Week 2019 activities including joining Nyarugenge District officials in Citizens’ Councils in Nyarugenge Sector and visiting Nyagatare Juvenile Prison whereby messages about fighting emerging crimes (including drug trafficking) and services delivered by JRLOS institutions to promote access to justice for all were delivered to citizens.

NRS representatives also joined other officials from JRLOS institutions in delivering a public lecture in the University of Kigali to raise students’ awareness on emerging crimes and JRLOS institutions’ services. Staff and officials from NRS also attended the friendly football match between JRLOS Team and “Association Sportive des Volontaires (ASV)” Team held at Nyamirambo Stadium, which was attended by public servants and private sector staff in the City of Kigali and through which messages about fighting emerging crimes (including drug trafficking) were delivered to public and private sector servants. This match marked the end of Justice Week 2019 activities.

Throughout all activities attended by NRS as part of Justice Week 2019, NRS representatives raised citizens’ awareness on the negative impacts of drug abuse and trafficking to the health and social-economic development of individuals, their families and the country in general. They also raised awareness on the NRS services and programs as well as the role of delinquents’ rehabilitation in preventing crimes and ensuring a better future of Rwandans.

The most delinquent stricken part of the Rwandan population lies between 14 and 35 years old. If nothing is done, today’s delinquents may graduate to become hard core criminals of the future. Therefore, all stakeholders are urged to join hands to eliminate any factor that exposes our society especially Rwandan children to the risk of delinquency.” Said the Director General of NRS Mr. Aimé BOSENIBAMWE in a press conference held on 18 March 2019 as part of Justice Week 2019.

About the National Rehabilitation Service

The National Rehabilitation Service is a Government Institution established in 2017 with a mandate to eradicate all forms of deviant behaviours by instilling positive behaviours, educating and providing professional skills. In particular, NRS has the following main mission:

  1. To establish appropriate measures for the prevention of acts giving rise to deviant attitudes and behaviours;
  2. To develop and implement sustainable measures for rehabilitation of delinquents and make follow-up on their implementation;
  3. To strengthen existing and new mechanisms for social reintegration and follow up of former delinquents to prevent potential recidivism;
  4. To enhance coordination and oversight of stakeholder interventions to avoid duplication and overlaps in addressing cases of delinquency.

NRS coordinates activities of public rehabilitation centres and monitors if private rehabilitation centres and transit centres comply with regulations in place.

What is a deviant behaviour?

Deviant acts or behaviours are actions or bad behaviours such as prostitution, drug abuse, begging, vagrancy, informal street vending, or any other deviant behaviour that is harmful to the public.