Rwandans urged to fight against drug trafficking and drug abuse as Rwanda marks Justice Week 2019

From 18 – 22March 2019, the Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) in collaboration with institutions comprising the Justice Sector and partners organized a Justice Week aimed at raising public awareness on emerging crimes and on the way Justice Sector institutions and partner organizations works to deliver justice related services to citizens. Throughout this week, different activities aimed at raising public awareness on emerging crimes including drug trafficking were conducted.


During the week, citizens were encouraged to actively participate in preventing emerging crimes namely trafficking of narcotic drugs, human trafficking, Gender-Based Violence, cyber-crimes, corruption and child defilement, among others.

“Narcotic drugs affects the health and social economic development of people consuming them, hence affecting the country’s development. We call upon everyone to prevent drug trafficking by providing information whenever they see someone dealing or consuming narcotic drugs.” The Deputy Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Mme Isabelle Karihangabo told students from the University of Kigali in a public lecture about emerging crimes held on 21 March 2019 as part of Justice Week 2019.

We want you to be our stakeholders in fighting against emerging crimes. We want a country free of crimes, a secure country so that we achieve sustainable development.” She added.

Officials from the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) also participated in Justice Week 2019 activities whereby they showcased NRS services and programs to citizens and raised awareness on the negative impacts of drug abuse on individuals, their families and the country at large.

About Justice Week 2019

The Justice Week 2019 kicked off with an Open Day which took place on 18 March 2019 at MINIJUST Headquarters. At the open day, all institutions comprising the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector (JRLOS) exhibited their services and programs to citizens to ensure that the public has sufficient information about JRLOS services delivery mechanisms.

Other activities conducted throughout the week are but not limited to joining citizens in Citizens’ Councils across all Districts of the country and visiting prisons to deliver messages about fighting emerging crimes and services delivered by JRLOS institutions to promote access to justice for all.

Public lectures were also conducted in different universities to raise students’ awareness on emerging crimes and JRLOS institutions’ services.

The week was closed by a friendly football match between JRLOS Team and “Association Sportive des Volontaires (ASV)” Team held at Nyamirambo Stadium, which was attended by public servants and private sector staff in the City of Kigali and through which messages about fighting emerging crimes was delivered to public and private sector servants.

At all the sites, citizens were given an opportunity to ask questions which focused on Gender-Based Violence, child defilement, cyber-crimes, desertion of the marital home and other issues related to direct legal support. Answers to questions and guidance was provided by JRLOS legal experts.