NRS Mission Vision and Objectives

National Rehabilitation Service NRS was established by the law NO 17/2017 of 28/04/2017 with the following Vision, mission and strategic objectives

Vision: To Achieve a Delinquency Free Rwanda Society

Mission: As stated by the article 7 of the N0 17/2017 of 28/04/2017, National Rehabilitation Service has the overall mission of eradicating all forms of deviant behaviors by instilling positive behaviors, educating and providing professional skills.

In particular, NRS has specifically the following main mission:

1. To establish appropriate measures for the prevention of acts giving rise to deviant attitudes and behaviors;

2. To coordinate activities of rehabilitation centers and transit centers and make follow-up on their operation;

3. To advise the government on measures for the prevention of deviant behaviors;

4. To establish and make follow-up on the program designed to provide counseling services to those placed in rehabilitation centers and transit centers to help them change their behaviors and provide individualized treatment for those who need it;

5. To develop sustainable measures for rehabilitation and social reintegration of people exhibiting deviant attitudes and behaviors and make follow-up on their implementation;

6. To ensure that those placed in rehabilitation centers are provided with knowledge and vocational education preparing them to reintegrate into society in compliance with the program of public institutions in charge of such education;

7. To establish mechanisms for preventing recidivism in deviant behaviours among those graduating from rehabilitation centres and transit centres;

8. To conduct research aiming at pointing out the causes of deviant behaviours and carry out awareness campaigns to prevent and combat such behaviours;

9. To collaborate with other organs having similar mission

In compliant with the Social Protection Sector Strategic Plan in its priority 4 aimed to strengthen the provision of Social Care Services for the most vulnerable, strategic area of strengthening interventions that prevent child delinquency, including social support. NRS will also strengthen support for ’graduates’ from Rehabilitation Centers to ensure their successful reintegration, sensitization campaigns and household-level psycho-social support.

Policy objectives: The overall objective of the National Policy against delinquency is to reduce the prevalence of delinquency among the children, youth and adults through sustainable and home-grown restorative approaches.
Specific objectives of this policy include the following:
• To establish conducive environment and opportunities to pre-occupy and prevent children, youth and adults from indulging into delinquent behaviors.
• To develop and implement sustainable measures for rehabilitation of delinquents.
• To strengthen existing and new reintegration and follow-up mechanisms, that prevents potential recidivism.