District Transit Centers are centers used for accommodating on a temporary basis people exhibiting deviant behaviors, before their selection and placement to a rehabilitation centre or their being rehabilitated at the transit centre or placement to another premise according to their behavior.


To date, every district of Rwanda has a transit centre except districts comprising the City of Kigali which share one transit centre. Therefore, a total of 28 district transit centres are now established all over the country.


Districts or City of Kigali authorities are entrusted with monitoring the administration of their respective transit centre and recruiting its staff. However, the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) is in charge of monitoring if transit centres comply with regulations in place.


Educational programs provided to persons admitted in transit centers


     1.      National programs

     2.      Dangers of indulging in deviant acts

     3.      Values and Taboos of Rwandan culture

     4.      Job creation strategies

     5.      Benefits of using own strength and skills for self-development 


For more information about the functioning of transit centres, please read the Ministerial Order NÂș001/07.01 Of 19/04/2018 Determining the Mission, Organization and Functioning of Transit Centers here.