The Social and Health Rehabilitation Unit is in charge of:

1. Providing technical support at senior level to NRS on matters related to delinquency matters within youth:

      • Providing advice on all dossiers related to rehabilitation of delinquents;

      • Elaborating and implementing relevant policies and programs related to the rehabilitation of delinquents;

      • Formulating and evaluating programs in the area of youth promotion;

      • Elaborating the annual action plan and budget for the Unit in charge of rehabilitation of delinquents.

2. Regularly evaluating the real situation in delinquency matters and take appropriate measures

3. Perform delinquents’ screenings as required:

      • Support efforts to reduce delinquency and recidivism through collaboration with local, community groups, associations, law enforcement agencies and other collaborating organizations.

      • Refer juveniles to community agencies, like settlement family, child guidance clinics, and health clinics, for mental, physical and social rehabilitation

4. Maintain National Rehabilitation Service’s files and attendance record files for programs related to rehabilitation of delinquents:

      • Maintain files of programs related to rehabilitation of delinquents, of NRS care documents, and other related departmental documents and records.